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A composite image of the front and back of the copper alloy shank button, with scale.
Sarsaparilla Patent Medicine Bottle Fragments (Peabody 2018.24.153).
Window glass fragments excavated in Level 1 of unit H964.
Photo of the Manganese-Mottled Sherd
Tin glazed earthenware sherd with hand painted Chinese floral pattern.
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Transfer printed pearlware like the ceramic depicted gives us a sense of the rapid improvement in technology as well as the effects of the ever-expanding transatlantic trade system of the early 19th century. While earlier techniques like hand…

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Pipe Stem and Bowl Fragments
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The Tin-Glazed Sherds
Joseph Browne, Harvard Class of 1666

These fragments are from two plates that I broke in 1664 during my sophomore year at the College. My friends and I may have had too much rum, and our rowdiness got rather out of hand. We thought it would be…
This green 18th century pharmaceutical glass is smooth to the touch and has two separate pieces--one being a part of the short neck and the other making up the body of the  bottle.

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Front view of pewter button excavated from unit H931, Level 3, depth of 68-80cm. Note the plainness of the button and the absence of decorative detail.

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